Racket Stringing and Care

The amount of times you play each week is the amount of times you should have your racket restrung every six months so if you’re on court once a week that’s 2 restrings per year. We stock Head rackets and have a full range to demo and buy from our HQ at Redhill Tennis Club as well as Tennis balls, shoes and sundries.

New strings will help you on court, can help with injuries like Tennis elbow and breathe new life into your racket. Here’s how you choose your string. Types of String and costs.

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Our Prices

Polyester - Harder wearing giving lots of control and spin. We stock Head Lynx and Pros Pro £20-25.

Multi-filament - Good playability and maintains tension. This string will break more for the big hitters and offers less control. We stock Wilson sensation £23.

Synthetic Gut - This offers an average overall performance and is economically priced. We stock Head Master £20.

Hybrid - If you are looking for a blend of string qualities such as durability and playability then a hybrid combines two sets of string so you may have a polyester main string and natural gut on the cross. £24.

We can order in any string and provide any hybrid and always aim to get rackets back to you within the day.

Rackets & Equipment

We stock a complete range of Head Rackets and you’re more than welcome to demo them on court and get expert advice on which is best for your game. We also sell balls, grips and much more.