Racket Stringing and Care

Our team are qualified by the European Racket Stringers Association to give you the best service on stringing, grommets, grips and general advice

If you want to drop a racket off to us and can't hand it to a coach you can fill in a details card at Redhill LTC or contact us and we will arrange a pick up time...

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Our Prices

We offer hybrids and bespoke stringing patterns and we have plenty of stock so if you want a particular string please just ask us, these are general re-string prices.

Babolat RPM Blast 16 1.30mm - a quality polyester string with a silicone coating to prolong the life of the string. £25

Pro's Pro Cyber Power 16 1.30mm - a resilient polyester string for chronic string breakers. £20

Babolat Synthetic Gut 16 1.30mm - a good all-round synthetic gut, offering a crisp feel and good durability. Babolat Synthetic Gut offers good comfort and playability. £20

Wilson Sensation 16 1.30mm - A multifilament string for power and comfort. Sensation is made with revolutionary Dual-Wrap Multifilament Xycro Micro Fibres. Wilson Sensation offers a similar feel and appearance to the natural gut at a fraction of the price. £23


Wilson Sensation - Multifilament. £20

Technifibre 305 - Polyester. £25

If you provide your own string then our labour cost is £13

Types of String

Polyester - Harder wearing giving lots of control and spin. This string will lose power and can be harsher on the arm.

Multi-filament - Good playability, better on the arm and maintains tension. This string will break for the big hitters and offers less control.

Synthetic Gut - This offers an average overall performance and is economically priced.

Natural Gut - Optimum playability and holds tension the best. This string needs to be replaced often and is high priced.

Hybrid - If you are looking for a blend of string qualities such as durability and playability then a hybrid combines two sets of string so you may have a polyester main string and natural gut on the cross.

We can order in any string and provide any hybrid, please just ask.


Replacement Grommet Strips

Increasing Grip Size


Sergetti Logo

Sergetti - Optimise Your Sweet Spot

Springing from 12 years of research and development the Sergetti stringing process takes into account over 50 variables to calculate and assign a unique and perfect tension to each string.

If you purchase a bespoke Sergetti tension sheet for your racket it's a one off fee of £15 and whenever you get your racket strung your stringer will use your specifications.

When should you get your racket re-strung?

The amount of times you play tennis per week is the amount you need to get it re-strung per season, so if you play twice a week then two re-strings per Summer and two per Winter. Re-stringing will help to prevent injury such as tennis elbow and will keep your racket to its peak performance.

What tension of string is right for you?

Rackets are generally re-strung with a tension of between 50 and 60 pounds. The lower end of the tension scale will give more power as the ball has a slingshot type rebound whereas the higher end will offer more control for those bigger hitters.