Junior Tennis Coaching

Our Junior Tennis Coaching Programme is leading the market with its innovation, affordability and results. We want all of our Junior players to enjoy Tennis in a fun, high intensity and structured coaching programme.

Below you can choose from our "normal" mini or yellow ball coaching groups or our new Competition Squad, designed for more competitive players.

JUNIOR GROUPS: Each week our Juniors can compete, have social fun and get a high quality coaching group for £35 per month. All you do is a pick an hour long group that suits your schedule then you get Friday night Social Tennis and our Competition schedule on top. If you miss a group or can't come that week you don't lose out because you can make it up at a time that suits you! If you would like to add another group this is just £10 extra a month.

COMPETITION SQUADS: These sessions are for Juniors who regard Tennis as their main sport and want to compete. Groups are 90 minutes in length with a 1 to 5 coach/player ratio. All Competition players get Reports, Conditioning Sessions and Target sheets. These groups are £60 per month and to guarantee their spot in a group all Competition players are expected to compete 4 times per calendar year and attend 7 out of every 8 sessions. Players can be replaced in these groups if they can't meet the criteria.

SPIRE HEALTHCARE JUNIOR SERIES: The Spire Healthcare Series are LTA Grade 6 events and we put them on free of charge, entry into these events is through The Lawn Tennis Association website. Each of our junior players in our programme are put into a team when they sign up so they're playing for themselves and for their team with a prize giving at the end of the year.

PAYMENT: Cost of coaching includes competitions and social. Payment by standing order is preferred and can be made any day of the month. One month's notice is required for cancellation of coaching.

To view our Coaching Terms and Conditions please click here.

Mini Tennis Coaching Timetable

Please note new timetable in effect from 1 February 2020


4-5pm -  Orange Ball 

5-6pm -  Green Ball 

4:30-6pm -  Orange Competition 

6-7:30pm -  Yellow Ball 


4-5pm -  Red Ball 

5-6:30pm -  Yellow Competition 

5:30-7pm -  Yellow Competition 


4-5pm -  Red Ball 

4-5:30pm -  Red Competition 

5-6pm -  Green Ball 

5-6pm - Competition Conditioning

6-7:30pm -  Yellow Ball 


4-5pm -  Red Ball 

4:30-6pm -  Green Competition 

5-6pm -  Orange Ball 

6-7:30pm -  Yellow Ball 


4-5pm -  Red Ball 

5-6pm -  Orange Ball 

6-7:30pm -  Yellow Ball 

6-7:30pm -  Yellow Competition 


9-10am -  Red Ball 

10-11am -  Orange Ball 

11-12pm -  Green Ball 

12-1:30pm -  Yellow (11-14 yrs) 

1:30-3pam -  Yellow (14+) 

Mini Tennis Coaching Explained

Junior Tennis players aged between 4 and 10 years old can now get on a court and start playing straight away thanks to Red, Orange and Green Mini Tennis. The development of a Tennis player comes from learning skills such as how to control the ball technically and understanding the tactical outcome of their shots.

Mini tennis is split into four stages:

  • 4-8 year olds play  RED ball 
  • 8-10 play  ORANGE ball 
  • 10-11 play with a  GREEN ball 
  • 12+ play with a standard  YELLOW ball 
Mini Tennis Red

Red ball players aged between 4-8 years old. Players get used to rallying, scoring & the movement required on a Tennis court. The court is about the size of a service box on a full sized court. Mini Tennis Red improves players skill level, coordination, movement & reading of the ball.

Mini Tennis Orange

Orange ball players are aged between 8-10 years old. Players will start to develop their technique more at this age with more technical advice and full matches. An Orange court is over double the size of a mini Red court so it's a big step up physically as well as technically.

Mini Tennis Green

Green ball players are aged between 10-11 years old. A Green ball Tennnis Court is a full sized Tennis court and at this stage of learning players are looking at tactical scenarios such as Doubles, court position and making the right decision on when to attack.

 Red players  can attend as many sessions as they want each week.  Orange  /  Green  /  Yellow  choose a group time that they can attend each week.

Watch our Juniors in Action

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This trailer shows our core values of high intensity, lots of repetition and loads of great fun.

Harry trains with us full time and wants to play University level Tennis in the USA. He's the reigning mens champion at Redhill Lawn Tennis Club and boy does he work hard on the court!

Ivan takes groups and individuals with Boom Coaching and at 10 years old he's really performing. He's one of a number of county level Juniors we have who are dedicating themselves to Tennis.

Summer started her Tennis journey with us in Red Ball and now competes to a high level in Orange. Here's some info on how we build a Forehand and how it should look.