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Adult Tennis Coaching

Each week we offer a varied and well attended adult coaching programme which caters for beginners right through to advanced team players.
Our groups cost £10 for 90 minutes and you can book through our online booking portal.

If you have any questions please call or email [email protected]! If you join our coaching whatsapp group you'll be able to arrange play outside of the sessions and see if there's any last minute places in coaching groups.

Group Schedule

Club Coaching - Players must be able to serve and rally to join these groups which cover the technical, tactical, physical and mental side of Tennis.



TennisXpress - This is an adult coaching group aimed at getting beginner adults or people returning to the game back on court.

TUESDAY: 7-8pm

Additional Adult Groups

Tech and Tac: This group session is aimed at players looking to unlock that key to improving their game. We video you, analyse the technical aspect of the shot to look at improvements and work on the tactical aspect of when to use your new weapon. Minimum two people / two hour session. £60 per session.

Doubles Training: Perfect for players who are with a regular partner or team and want to know how to work better as a unit. This group session will look at formations, tactical and the psychological elements needed to get that win. Minimum of three people / two hour session. £50 per session.

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